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UBC's new MOOCs

UBC’s new MOOCs, including a really interesting project on the Foundations of Chinese Thought by Ted Slingerland.

Six Famous Thought Experiments, Animated in 60 Seconds Each

What would Plato tweet?

Probably more about justice…

Interesting study on the practical value of studying quality literature

"Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind." Also the original study link in Science is here.

2 MA Fellowships in Ancient Philosophy at UBC

Which may be held in either Philosophy or Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies. Read about them here.

Canadian Colloquium for Ancient Philosophy

The second Canadian Colloquium for Ancient Philosophy will be held at UBC, May 2-4, 2014! Please join us in Vancouver… where it might not even rain. The call for papers is here.

Dr. Evan Thompson elected to the Royal Society of Canada

Huge congratulations to Dr. Evan Thompson (UBC Philosophy), now a member of the Royal Society of Canada!

Heraclitus 2012

It’s about time.

Bernanke to Economists: More philosophy, please

On Monday, Ben Bernanke wasn’t talking like a scientist. He was talking like a philosopher. “The ultimate purpose of economics, of course, is to understand and promote the enhancement of well-being,” he said. To a roomful of economists, he suggested that the measurements they were using, like gross domestic product and personal consumption expenditures, were inadequate to that understanding.